Formulating Footnotes: Week of April 16th

Good day, readers!

I have some exciting news regarding The oral history of Bob Gross (which I have been working on periodically since last October). Well, it’s finally uploaded to YouTube, meaning it is now available to the public for the entire history and archaeology loving community to utilize and enjoy!

Without further ado, here is the link to the video on the Brevard County Historical Commission’s official YouTube page: 

Bob Gross Oral History Video

I am so pleased with how this project turned out! It was a true team effort that involved many people contributing volunteer hours to make this into a truly professional and engaging production. Our library director, Jeff Thompson, worked tirelessly after filming to make sure audio levels, transitions, and inserted images all turned out right.

In that regard, I feel like this has been a great hands-on learning experience with working on a team to design and realize a creative project. I’ve certainly gained a lot of practical appreciation for the importance of communication and compromise in order to keep things running smoothly!

As far as my part turned out, it was a little strange to hear my own voice as interviewer at first…but I’m actually quite proud with how my interview skills held up! Putting in the time to consult with Bob and conduct pre-interviews really helped me prepare to put my best foot forward in the actual interview setting.

In reflection, I’m so glad I was able to take on a lead role for this project. Bob is a really fascinating and knowledgable individual, and I feel really fortunate to have been so involved with this project. (So if you’re reading this, thank you, Bob!)

If you haven’t been following this project’s progress up to this point, my responsibilities included:

  • Researching Bob’s life and Archaeology in Brevard County
  • Drafting Interview Questions
  • Conducting Pre-interviews
  • Serving as Interviewer
  • Editing the transcript for accuracy
  • Inserting and Consulting with Bob on Footnotes
  • Writing a Biographic/Informative Summary for YouTube
  • Uploading the project to YouTube

To learn more, I encourage you to check out these posts to which discuss Bob’s personal history and my work on this project in further detail: 

Recent weeks have mostly consisted of adding footnotes to the transcript to ensure the viewer has the most relevant information at their disposal. Typically, a transcript I work on may only have only a few footnotes to provide clarification and additional sources. However, since Bob Gross is a regular volunteer at the library with the Historical Commission, he has been able to provide me with countless pieces of information that I’ve been adding to the transcript to supplement and enhance the content discussed in the oral history.

My crowded workspace full of corrections and footnotes to be added to the Bob Gross transcript.

This process has involved a lot of teamwork between Bob and I to ensure the information presented in the transcript is correct. Bob possesses a wealth of information and insights, and I’ve been extremely grateful for his continued involvement with this project to make it the best possible representation of his life and experiences with archaeology in Brevard.

Working on an original oral history has been the most rewarding experience of working with the Brevard Historical Commission so far. I’ve greatly enjoyed working on uploading old treasures from the Commission’s oral history archive, but there has been something profoundly satisfying in producing an oral history from scratch. It’s been a lesson in patience, teamwork, and dedication, but I believe that it has definitely been worth all of the time and effort!

As soon as the footnotes are finalized, the transcript will be linked on the Brevard County website’s oral history page, found here.

I am hopeful I will continue to be involved with new oral history projects in the future!

Thanks so much for reading!

-Heather Pierce