Welcome! My name is Heather Pierce.

I am a recent graduate from the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in history with a minor in anthropology in 2015. (LinkedIn)

This is a blog dedicated to recording the projects I work on at the Brevard County Historical Commission (beginning in May 2017). The main objective of this internship is to work on the county’s oral history project. I will also be learning and developing new skills in research, video editing, traditional text editing, utilizing microfilm, indexing, and more.

Click here for the homepage of the Brevard County Historical Commission.

Click here for the Brevard County Historical Commission’s YouTube channel, which hosts the oral history videos I will be working on.

Please see my previous internship blog at: historicalknight.wordpress.com
to learn more about my internship with the Florida Historical Society, where in 2015 I created educational history modules based on 19th century documents focusing on the topics of:

  • Slavery in Florida
  • The Civil War Soldier
  • Reconstruction in Florida

These modules can be found at: myfloridahistory.org/education/classroom

Thank you very much for visiting!

Please visit my “Contact” page on this blog if you would like to get in touch with me!